National Award
  • The Prime Minister's  Industry Award  (Ministry of Industry) 
    • Productivity  Year  2010
    • Quality Management  Year 2013 
  • Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility  (Department of Industrial Works)
    • CSR-DIW  Award Year 2009
    • CSR-DIW Network Award  Year 2010
    • CSR-DIW Continuous Awards  Year 2011-2017
  • Logistic Management Award   (Department Primary Industries and Mines) 
  • Total Energy Management Award   (Department of Industrial Promotion)
  • Best Management of Labour Relation   (Department of Labour Protection & Welfare)
  • Standard Management of HIV/AIDs in the Workplace : Gold Award  (Department of Labour Protection & Welfare/Department of Disease Control)
Customer Award
Isuzu      Quality Improvement Award  2003
Toyota      The Best Quality Award  2005
AAT      Q1 Award  2006 
AAT      A-ABC Activity Award  2006
Toyota      Regional Contribution Award  2006
Isuzu      Quality Improvement Award  2007
Toyota      The Best Improvement Award  2007
BSNCR      The Best Improvement Award  2007
Toyota      QA Improvement Award  2009
Kubota      QCD 2009 :  Bronze Award
Honda      Quality Award  2009
Honda Access      Cost Reduction Award  2009
Toyota      TCC-HRD Best Supplier Award   2011
Toyota        TCC-HRD Best Supplier Award  2012
BSNCR      The Best Improvement Award  2012
Mitsubishi      Improvement Effort  2012
Kubota      Excellent Performance 2013 : Silver Award
Mitsubishi       Best Effort  2013
Hino      QA Improvement Activity  2014 : Winner 
GM      Excellent Culture & Strategic Support  2014

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