Production Management System



Basic Idea and Framework
SUMMIT‘s production system is a technology of comprehensive production management. The basic idea of this system is to maintain continuous flow of products in factories in order to flexibly adapt to demand changes. The realization of such production flow is called Just-in-time production, which means producing only necessary units in a necessary quantity at a necessary time. However, although cost reduction is the system's most important goal, it must achieve three other sub-goals in order to achieve its primary objective.

They include:
         1. Quantity control, which enables the system to adapt to daily and monthly fluctuations in demand  in terms of quantities and variety;
         2. Quality assurance, which assures that each process will supply only good units to the subsequent processes;
         3. Respect-for-humanity, which must be cultivated while the system utilizes the human resource to attain its cost objectives.

A continuous flow of production, or adapting to demand changes in quantities and variety, is created by achieving two key concepts: Just-in-time and Autonamation.

To realize these concepts, SUMMIT has established the following systems and methods:

         1. Kanban system to maintain Just-in-time production
         2. Production smoothing method to adapt to demand changes
         3. Shortening of set-up time for reducing the production lead time
         4. Standardization of operations to attain line balancing
         5. Machine layout and the multi-function worker for flexible work force
         6. Improvement activities by small groups and the suggestion system to reduce the work force and increase the worker's morale.
         7. Visual control system to achieve the Autonamation concept
         8. Functional Management system to promote  company-wide quality control.

Just-in-Time Production
The idea of producing the necessary units in the necessary quantities at the necessary time is described by the short term Just-in-time. Just-in-time means, for example, that in the process of assembling the parts to build a car, the necessary kind of sub-assemblies of the preceding processes should arrive at the product line at the time needed in the necessary quantities. If Just-in-time is realized in the entire firm, then unnecessary inventories in the factory will be completely eliminated, making stores or warehouses unnecessary. The inventory carrying costs will be diminished, and the ratio of capital turnover will be increased.

Kanban System
The Kanban system is supported by the following:
         • Smoothing of production
         • Reduction of set-up time design of machine layout
         • Standardization of jobs
         • Improvement activities
         • Autonamation

A kanban is usually a card put in a rectangular vinyl envelope. Two kinds are mainly used: Withdrawal Kanban and Production- ordering Kanban.

In order to realise Just-in-time perfectly, 100 per cent good units must flow to the prior process, and this flow must be rhythmic without interruption. Therefore, quality control is so important that it must coexist with the Just-in-time operation throughout the Kanban system. Autonamation means to build in a mechanism a means to prevent mass-production of defective work in machines or product lines. Autonamation is not automation, but the autonomous check of abnormality in the process.


​Global Adaptation
SUMMIT production system has been created from actual practices in the factories; it has a strong feature of emphasizing practical effects, and actual practice and implication over theoretical analysis. This system can play a great role in the task of improving the constitutions of the companies world-wide (especially those of the automobile industry).

Metal Forming & Assembly

SUMMIT Integrated Press Engineering at Work.

Through its work with Automobile body parts and equipment for passenger cars and pickup car, SUMMIT has acquired considerable expertise in developmental technologies. 

Our advanced testing and analysis technologies have resulted in many breakthrough products as well, and we have developed exclusive integrated production technologies, superb quality assurance systems, and rationalized quality and environmental Management systems. 

With these formidable systems and technologies, we are in a unique position to serve a wide variety of body parts and mechanism products for automotive industry, some of our product group might reduce the customer task of management for supplier. 

​For example, our group products are found in the whole of automotive body parts, Window Regulator, Exhaust System.  Building on our past success, we are always looking for new ways to apply our advanced technology more effectively in a wider range of fields.

SUMMIT integrated press engineering is at work throughout the world and  be one of the leader in Thailand.


Dies & Jigs

Dies & Assy Jigs, Inspection Jigs Design, Manufacturing

SUMMIT provides the tool and die technologies that optimize creative engineering.

Our Tool and Die Plant contains processing lines that make maximum use of dies, jigs, and machining tools to create new products for use in many fields. It also formulates programs for rationalizing production and engages in many other activities that open the door to optimal creativity.

We design dies, jigs and machine tools using CAD/CAM systems, create NC processing data, and use the data to manufacture these products by means of high-speed NC modeling machines.


Quality System
A guarantee of world class quality assurance systems with International Certificates.

The technology of the future will require quality assurance systems that are applied commonly throughout the world. 

In this era of mega competition, SUMMIT continues to streng then its quality assurance programs, beginning with ISO 9001 certification for the entire company. Under the slogan, "Quality Begins at the Source", all SUMMIT employees take part in the implementation of thorough programs designed to improve processing capabilities.

From design and development through after service, we are firmly committed to realizing zero defects and to bringing our quality assurance system to a higher level by meeting  ever-stricter quality, cost, safety, and environmental requirements.

Not only the quality of products we do care, but SUMMIT  also care for the society and environment surrounding our factories. We has intentioned to apply for ISO 14000 and ISO/TS 16949 and obtained certification in 2002 and 2004 respectively. This shows our intention to protect society and environment.


Testing and Measuring
Optimized structure, materials and machining methods allow us to manufacture car body components that support world-class automobile with performance and safety.

In the 21st century, auto makers demand an extremely high level of structural performance for car body’s parts. All parts must be strong, function, and rigid to support excellent performance and all of them must meet many stringent standards to maximize safety. .

The part structure must be lightweight and streamlined to ease the burden on the environment. Building on the three key words of operation, performance, and safety, a host of complex factors must be considered in every process from manufacturing.

Furthermore, the production technique of Just in time, good quality, less stock, and etc. is the key success of our goal. To meet these challenges, SUMMIT uses not only its exclusive testing & measuring equipment to support press production technology, but also analytical testing & measuring techniques available in order to pursue the ideal of  "optimized quality methods" 

We continue to add new success stories to our already impressive record of producing all of car bodies parts for production that meet the most demanding global standards.

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